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Why Credit? How do I credit?

Why Credit
I’ve been asked before why I ask for credit on my icons, and the answer is simple. I’m not trying to be bitchy when I ask, but I spend a lot of hard work on the icon you see, and I would like it if at least people could acknowlege my work with a small “made by little_dumpling”. It’s not like it’s a hard feat, I’m not really putting you out, so please, it would make me extremely happy if you would just put in that little line.

Even though putting my screen name down may not matter to you, it matters to me, and you have no idea the joy that I feel when I see someone who has used one of my icons and credited me.

At the very least, do it because if someone sees the icon in your user pics, they can track it back to the maker and are able to see all the other things they’ve made.

I’m not asking for just myself, but for icon makers everywhere! We perform an often thankless job and would like a little acknowlegment. So please, give credit.

How do I credit an icon?
Good question! I have included an example of one way to credit below. If you need further instructions, please feel free to ask, this is something I would never get mad about you asking.


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