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Resquest Post

Icon Request
In reply to this post, you may request up to two icons. Once I have finished your two icons I will post them in my next icon post. After your two icons have been posted you are free to return to this post and request another two icons.

You may request an icon in a specific fandom, of a character, pairing or just text. If I do not participate in the fandom you request, I will ask you for a picture as I unfortunately do not have the time to look up pictures (icon-making is afterall quite time-consuming).

You may also make a request with a link to a specific picture you would like iconned and I will let you know if it (only in extreme circumstances) if the picture is not do-able.

Note that all requested icons are shareable to everyone. If want your screen name to be on the icon, I will include a second version in the post without your screen name also.

Lastly, if you would like your screen name or name (ect) to be on the icon please let me know in your request. I am not a mind reader and will only be able to work with the information given.

Thank-you for your time, now go on and request something.

Tutorial Request
Like iconning yourself? Don’t know how I put together one of my icons, or how used a certain technique?

Comment with the specifics and I will put together a tutorial. I have written beginner tutorials before, just never posted them here.

Feel free to ask lots of questions.

Hope I can be helpful,

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