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Fanart Post: Draco "Messy-hair" Malfoy (Harry Potter) Dig Sketch for kingzgurl

Title: Draco "Messy-hair" Malfoy sketch from HP:DH Part II
Rating: G.
Characters/Pairing: Draco Malfoy
Warnings: Over-use of the shade of grey.
For: Drawn for kingzgurl, who is amazing and such a wonderfully encouraging friend! Even when it takes me forever to get things up!
A/N: I first was going to do just a hand drawing and started the sketch three separate times, to no success, when I finally said "screw it!" and pulled out my tablet. So then I ended up finishing this quite a while ago (though I wasn't happy with it) and finally decided to post it anyways, about a week ago, but then promptly forgot when I found out I didn't get into Student Housing and had to make a mad dash out to the coast to find myself a place to live for this coming school term. (Did I mention I'm finally going back to school this September to finish my degree? Well, I am! :D)



If you'd like, you can see the original sketch I worked from here. Or the picture from Deathly Hallows Part two that I used as a reference here.

Now this is my first finished digital drawing, so please put me out of my misery and tell me what you think! All feedback (good or bad) is most appreciated!

Tags: art, harry potter
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